Monday, December 24, 2012

Syrian Iconic "Maqamat" Singer Edib Daykh

Some people in the Arab world--mostly older people like a singing style that is called "Maqamat" an antiquate singing form from Andalusia, Damascus when those two countries were under one leadership centuries ago. The beauty of this singing form is that is does not necessitate music, they words are the music, the story and the show. There are many people who try to get into this genre, but one man has his own place in this school.

One of those Syrian voices that has kept this traditional singing alive is Edib Al Daykh, a legend among singers known for a solid voice, and a unique delivery methods for those poetic passionate lyrics he often sings. Aside form his singing, he has come to be a walking encyclopedia for this art from . He has traveled the world performing his unique style of singing, the Syrians living away form Syria cheer him in places like Australian and Venezuela.

اديب الدايخ - ما شبه الوجنات بالتفاح إلا جهول.


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