Monday, December 24, 2012

Cheb Rizki: A Guy Says, "I Was Wrong" A Guy Gets An Award

Cheb Rezki is a cool Arab dude from the West side, and he had one hit songs that went mainstream around the Arab world, French, Arabic and English track about him confessing to have made a mistake. Ladies cheer, guys do not often admit they have screwed up. But until the second line, things get messy.

I was wrong, I am the one that loves you, and you have not reciprocated. I think the song succeeded  but the singer did not.

Cheb Rizki has quit the show business, grown a beard, and disavowed his work in music , here's his video of his quite and religious message. I think Cheb did what's best for him, each one of us will do the same thing from their end.

أنا الغلطان ماش انتي - الشاب رزقي


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