Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Golden: Here Comes "The Lady" By The Brilliant @CAROLE_SAMAHA

Lebanese pop and romance diva--who can actually sing and entertain- Carole Samaha has already shown us that she can make world class songs and do it on her own, without the help of big production companies. She would always hired the top talents--the music director that has directed most of her music video in the past five years is French. She has a big heart and it shows through her songs. She happens to be a popular star, her path to becoming popular was always different than most stars.

She also worked with the biggest and most respected names in the music writing and the lyric crafting. Money seems to come her way and she has traveled the world in search of excellence and has lately performed at the UNESCO function where she has brought down the house. She is the voice of Lebanon who knows other Arabs out there also love her and love her work.

So, now she is not worried about making the movie to Rotana--a company that seems to value Carole and her creative force. They know they are getting a lady who has the knowledge if what works and what does not. However, now we learn of her latest music project, a play! "The Lady" where she would star. While Carole is no stranger to plays-she is a graduate of the Al Rahabny household where she did few plays with them.

Carole is doing something fresh here, plays are important and they often make money if well-executed. Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion got nothing on Carole, she is a well rounded star with a strong voice that can move you to wherever destination she sets her sight on. Rotana needs new ideas, and need new streams of revenue. Such show might rock the boat and give Rotana an edge over all the other strong competitors out there. I would be wary of copycats.

The Lady will debut in Beirut for a year August 10, 2013 it will screen for a month then take a break and take the show to the Gulf and around Arabia. You will get Carole singing live, 20 dancers and a dance choreographer from New York. Rotana will produce the play. This would be the first time they collaborate--no albums announced yet. Broadway is world-famous because if the quality shows they can imagine and execute. I chose to believe that the new partnership between Carole Samaha and Rotana might give birth to the Arab Broadway from the heart of Beirut.  

Carole spoke about the songs that will be in both Egyptian and Lebanese songs. Carole is also writing some songs on her albums. I know for months rumors have been circulating about Carole talking with Rotana about joining the label  No one could have guessed that Carole is lobbying them for a fresh concept where music and acting come together.

We can see composer and pianist Michale Fadel attending the event, you can bet his music and treatment of Carole Samaha's popular hits will dazzle you. I am looking forward to both the album and the play, if well financed this play will be what we have not seen in a long time.    

كارول سماحة تبدأ مرحلة جديدة بإستعراض السيدة الغنائي

Carole Samaha Dream with Rotana - Reportage / حلم كارول سماحة تحقيق روتانا


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