Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dina Hayek Made Five Great Songs, Here's One

Her first song was that awesome, she delivered a knockout performance and made her a star. All of sudden Dina was the princes of romance and it was not even 2005. A good song is a good song, but the music video was fitting for the song so Dina has a classic on her hands. The song was titled "Sihir El Garam" or the enchanting love.

Then he went on to make other songs, then she was talking about a botched plastic surgery and she no longer had her natural looks. But before that started consumer one of my favorite new stars, she made another good song. The clip for it was about a woman with a loved one on the front lines in a battle. Katabtilak, is the title which translates to I wrote you...

She tired to make songs, but none of them lived up to those two songs where the emotions are overflowing and the viewer or listener feels them every time he or she lets that record spin. Dina is hald Syrian half Lebanese. I really cannot think of any other female singer that would have done a better job on those songs that Dina has.

Katabtellak -Dina Hayek كتبلّك - دينا حايك

 دينا حايك -سحر الغرام.mpeg


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