Friday, December 14, 2012

Ask Your Arab Pop Star To Listen To This Track

Ghada Shbeir has now entered the world of my favorite singers. She is not your average singer. She is a Diva with vocal muscles than can smoke your average pop star out of water. I mean that, the lady knows how to perform Tarab style songs. It's like if she has incredible vocal muscles that works out in the gym often.

Ghada reminds me of many great things about Arabic music, we have a great musical tradition that can stand alone and dazzle folks from all over the world. It's magical music, no need for a picture, songs like the one below are like journey throughout Arabia.

It's a lady singing about her loved one--in poetry.  Thanks to Ghada whose songs spread awareness about the beauty of Arabic music. Her voice offers many different things to each listener. One thing that she does so well, is bring stories and ballads into life. Her voice is the animator. She might not have the global reconition past divas have had, but I think Ghada is just getting started and we are destined to hear more of this iconic soprana.  

لي حبيب غادة شبير


  1. I am enthralled by her voice!!!As for you comment - no one could have put it better.Traditional Arabic music has it's own charisma and doesn't need a pretty face to make it more appealing to the mass public.