Friday, December 14, 2012

Saudi Legend Visits Palestinian Consulate And Calls Abbas

The moment he heard the news of the United Nation admitting Palestine as an observing state in the international body, Saudi legend and Arab icon Mohammed Abdu picked up the phone called the Palestinians president Mahmoud Abbas and congratulated him on the milestone. Not just that, few days prior to this call, the legendary Saudi entertainer visited the Palestinians consulate in the city of Jaddah, met with the staff and took pictures.

Abdu is a great Arab entertainer and one of the finest voices with a huge legacy has also sang for Palestine and Gaza before. And in 2001 he visited with Palestinians victims of the Israeli occupation who were being treated in Saudi hospitals. His song for Gaza where he sang for certain parts of the narrow strip is emotional hitting piece of poetry. It's no secret that the majority of Arab entertainers root for Palestine, but few of them go to the lengths Mohammed Adbu has.

On a personal note, this is a huge step, we do not see many Arab stars going the extra mile for Palestine. A star of Abdu's size has a huge fellowship and I have always been a fan of his. He is the elder of Khalij musicians, the kingmaker of that part of the world. I certainly appreciate him making time to highlight the Palestinian plight. I know many young entertainers in the gulf look up to this legendary singer, I hope he would open the floodgate of similar visits and support form our brethren in the Gulf.

جديد محمد عبده - أغنية ( ياخوي ياللي بغزة )


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