Friday, December 28, 2012

Listen: "Barteta" Movie Soundtrack موسيقى فيلم بارتيتا

Barteta is a new movie playing in Egyptian cinemas, a serious drama with a pool of incredibly talented cast. The plot revolves around a woman ho has many mental and social issues that he lives with due to a family issues and growing up in tough circumstances.

Not sure how well the movie, but the soundtrack for the film is showing some well thought out music. This kind of music you do not hear often in Egyptian contemporary composers. Most Egyptian soundtracks are made out of pop songs, not this film though.

Khalid Hamad is the man behind the music you will hear below. a live orchestra was brought in, not just a computer with few software and affects.

موسيقى فيلم بارتيتا - مقطوعة رقم ١

 موسيقى فيلم بارتيتا - مقطوعة رقم ٢

موسيقى فيلم بارتيتا - مقطوعة رقم ٣


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