Monday, December 17, 2012

WATCH: The Anti- Morsi Egyptian Belly Dancers سما المصرى للاخوان - يا حبسجية يا تجار الدين | مسخره

To hate on President Morsi is so easy now, even belly dancers with little education can make music videos and dance as they mock the president of the land and his loyalists. Sama Al Masry is one of those belly dancers turned singer and actress who is out to fire the president and his men. She is really mocking them and everything they stand for. She uses a potty as a prop for the crappy decisions he took.

Sama made another video, that went viral, she got scared for a minute, but now she has the followup song with more threats to the Muslim Brotherhood and their leaders. While, I understand her fears, and disagree with her way, I hope nothing bad happens to her. She calls them liars, thieves, crocks, terrorists and thugs. I am certain some people won't approve of her message. She also talsk about the abuses of revolutionaries and people who defy the rule of the Islamists.

This is a low production value, but still raises many worthy questions of the new constitution and such, Not sure who writes the song for Sama, but she seems to be well backed. She speaks about the shrinking rights of minorities including Christian,s cracking down on the press, robing women form their rights and many more topic. She danced and the Egyptian flag to her back.

سما المصرى للاخوان - يا حبسجية يا تجار الدين | مسخره


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