Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Listen: Ghada Shbeir "Inta Habibi" My Favorite Fall Song

If there is one song that makes one's life longer then this must be it. Ghada Shbeir, the daughter of Lebanon and talented vocalist and songstress performed that song. No other song in the recent years have manged to get me to the calm zone as much as this song can.

It's everything you need in a warm song, a heart felt song, with a great soothing melody. Ghada has not taken her right place in history, she is a hard working lady who shuns pop for better music. She remains one of the few the classical ladies standing. No wonder, both Arabic speaking and non adore her style. She has toured the world performing her finest songs. Ghada's style is deeply rooted in history of Spain and Damascus where fine music was once made in the ruler's palace. Perhaps one can also detect Sufi flavors to her sadness and faith combined with conflicted emotions.

While she has many worthy songs, the song below is one of her finest songs to date. The soulful lyrics have been crafted by Nadeem Hassan. The lyrics captured many themes that agrees with many Arabs. Staying up at night with a good company talking flirting by the fire.

إنت حبيبي ـ غادة شبير

انت حبيبي يا حلو صدّق لشو محتار ما أنا ليل بأولو ومكحول .. قوم سهار!! بحكي معن , مش لأ .. وببتسم , بيقولوا الـمتلي نهار بيتغزّلوا فيّي وما فيي إلا إسمعُن وبنقسم بيناتُن بلاقيني وحدي كتار ! ولا عن ملامة ولا ندم برجع ع حالي بجمعُن .. كلّي إلك ما تغار كلّي إلك ما تغار!! ما أنا ليل بأولو و مكحول قوم سهار بيبروا القلم والورق ناطر موعدو وما بنرسم .. ما كنت مرة من البدو لكن ع قلبي صار .. دقات قلبك بتنوشم ومدقدقة بالنّار! إنت حبيبي يا حلو صدّق لشو محتار ما أنا ليل بأولو و مكحول قوم سهار


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