Tuesday, December 11, 2012

WATCH: Glory Of The Fallen Album البوم التراس ديفلز - المجد للشهداء 2012

Among the hundreds who have been killed in Egypt, about a hundred stand above the rest--the 100 or so soccer fans who were murdered in a soccer game. Why? Their brethren in the ultras and sport fans are not letting ho--those people go to war in order to bring justice to those. They have listed them, they have made music for them, they have protested and have done much to bring an attention to those fallen.

So, here; now we get an album, with an cover art that has each of those fans names....and the their names are part of the song. Afterall, those murdered fans are rooting for the biggest soccer club in Egypt and in the Arab World.  

The album with 19 different tracks talking about those fallen, their stories and the way they have lived their lives. Yes, the club is also out there, but more clear than everything else, are the names of the fallen. Most songs on the album are in Arabic, but at least two have English titles. The pictures of those fallen in port said are also there. The army took the blame for that one, but justice has not been served. I like the way the soccer fans do it, they are being civil about it. Keeping the issue alive without alienating people. 

01.El Maged LE l Shodaa
02.El Ahly 7aDiD
03.Damk 3'aly
04.F 3eez L Ma7na
05.Ahlawy SwarGy
06.Da7o B7ythoum
07.El Shyten L 7omr
08.3aShan El Ahly E7na Gena
10.7akMo L ShaheD
11.M3na L HaYah
12.Ahlawy W Aft5er
13.NaDy EL Qarn El 3ashren
14.Tol 3omroh Fo2
15.Y AHly
16.L Ser F Rou7
17.El Wa3d
18.Eyd L Solta

اغنية المجد للشهداء .. اخراج جديد 

Ultras Devils - اغنية المجد للشهداء

MESHWAR Band - التراس اهلاوي حرية


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