Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Picture: @HaifaWehbe Cannot Stop Touching Her Breasts

Really? Am I wrong to point that out? Why is the pop diva circulating a picture of herself holding her breasts on camera? Is this what divorced people do now? Are those boobs even real? I have also ways said that Haifa Wehbe is a smart entertainer who has a big heart. But she is also a shameless self-promoter. Even when she was going through a divorce, she fled to New York City to shoot a music video.

She has always gone for sexy and revealing when she could, but this is a new low even for Haifa. I am sure some women are now talking about her being old and divorces  so she is showing them her assets now and the boys are winning this. Keep on mind Haifa Wehbe has made music videos for kids and and an entire album for the little ones. Not sure how her breasts connect withe the innocent among us.

This picture was shot in NYC as the new and earth shattering MJK music video for the diva is about to land in time for the holidays and mega concert appearances. See the promo for the upcoming music video.

Haifa Wehbe - MJK Video Promo


  1. there over her breasts but she is barely touching them only her finger tips are on, look closer lol