Monday, January 14, 2013

Sama The Dancer Zings Islamists Again اغنية سما المصرى ياحلاوة الواد ابن الأمريكانية

The viral Egyptian belly dancer who has turned herself into a news maker with her viral vidoes where she dances and sings funny lines about Egyptian politics. Sama hates the Muslim Brotherhood and she is not fond of the President so she makes her third video.

The new video zings the president of his American connection. This is a silly video with a lot of jokes I hope talk shows do not make too much out of it and get Sama in trouble. She wants fame, no a political career. Sama Al Masry is yet another comedian who seeks celebrity status by sticking it to the president. Had she made this video during the Mubarak days, she would have been facing prostitution charges and serve time in prison.

She is calling them liars, she has one person of mind, Hazim Abu Ismail, the leader of the orthodox Muslim party, then she takes on few other politicians and religious figures. Abu Ismail was disqualified form the presidential elections because his mother was an American citizen.

Some of those people she is waging war against should be mocked, they are public figures. They are milking the PR they get by appearing on TV and attacking other peoples. This is fun as long as nobody gets hurt. Sama has had threats made on her life from some anonymous voices--she warns them not to cross her.

 حصريا اغنية سما المصرى ياحلاوة الواد ابن الأمريكانية


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