Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WATCH: Samer Gabro - Ya Amiret Omry / سامر كابرو - يا أميرة عمري

Arab weddings are a riot, no need to go copy Western ones--the ones they show in movies. But maybe we can do like Samer Gabro just did, a hybrid of both.

Wedding songs are a dime a dozen, but if they are done right, they are priceless  The Syrian Samer Gabro comes from a long line of traditional Arabic music in the city of Aleppo. He does local style songs, Lebanese styles and Egyptian ones just as good.

The man produces to himself, and his career has a take a turn for the best once he relocated to Lebanon. From there he launched singles and albums, and manged to perform around the Arab world and Europe. Among the cities where he took his songs to are German, Sweden, France, Italy, Holland and half a dozen Arab countries.

Samer is known for his happy dance songs that cheer one's soul. This time he is singing for his bride to be, calling her princess in white like the full moon in its perfection. He brings out his dreamy eyes and his sharpest suit to make this song a joy. The dance is the music video is a riot, and the music fusion is well made, you can hear Greek, Turkish and Arab elements.

Well done, you give Syrian something to smile about!

WATCH:  Samer Gabro - Ya Amiret Omry / سامر كابرو - يا أميرة عمري


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