Monday, January 28, 2013

Video: Mohammad Mazen, Another Jordanian Stud Breaks Out

Yalla! One more voice for the road, one more young Jordanian stud comes out of the woods and take a shot at pop music. The guy sounds mature and his voice so so sobering, he does not sound like a little boy, but a man who has checks and balances. He is happy when he has to be and he is in charge when he is feeling down.

The name is Mohammad Mazen and his voice tells me many things about the artists, I can tell he is a good listener of Arabic music, his voice has taken form so many great artists both young and old his music reminds me of the 80s TV show bands.

His is a debut song many young singers wish for, a romantic song that pleases both men and women. You really cannot help but notice his Jordanian dialect creeps into the song. The dialect is unique as it's sort of a Lebanese version of what they speak in the Gulf. But the song delivers what the artists hoped it would.

mohammad mazen bde tsm3ne. محمد مازن بدي تسمعني


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