Sunday, January 27, 2013

LISTEN: Egyptian Soccer Rage التراس وايت نايتس - حكاية ثورة | من البوم صوت الفرسان

Soccer fans are increasingly getting involved in politics. They are already mobilized, have a sophisticated communication system, used to fights with the police and opposing team fans. And now due to Port Said and other locations, their brethren and sisters have been murders giving them a unique cause.

This time, The White Knights, the fans of Egypt's under dog soccer team Al Zamalik are putting forth a new track for the revolution. They are asking their fans to join them in Tahrir Square to celebrate the revolution's second anniversary. The upcoming album has been dubbed the Voice of The Knights. The music video chronicles the leading up to the revolution, the day off and the fallout.

The songs saves its harshest criticism for the Mubarak regime, and his thugs, they have put us through hell and we have made it out is the theme. They even go back in time to the days of Abel Nasser.

The song seems to be made at more than one party and upset by many things, the army gets no love, and neither does the government. All they call for is the continuation of the Egyptian revolution until they reach the final station--freedom. The clip uses loads of stock images from the revolution and for those who have been slain. They music is kept to minimal, as the lyrics and the interviews create the dramatic affect needed.

التراس وايت نايتس - حكاية ثورة | من البوم صوت الفرسان

الاغنية التي ادمعت ملايين الثوار - حكاية ثورة 2013


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