Friday, January 18, 2013

Drink Milk, Not Anlene--No Matter What Nancy Ajram Says

Commercials are meant for people who do not have souls and those who have put their brains on hold. This is why a pop star like Nancy Ajram is pushing hard to sell what whatever product she gets paid to promote. I have no idea what Anlene is, but Nancy Ajram is drinking it and working out with a bunch of slim fit dancers.

This is a milk like product geared toward women and trying to scare them in the bone. Just drink milk and you are good. You do not need some fancy pop star telling you what to drink. She is not in charge of your health, you are. So too bad that money went to waste.

You think your parents had Anlene, no they did not and they were doing just fine. Nancy Ajram is trying to market this as a noble humanitarian cause, but did she get paid for this ad? She may bring awareness to the issue of bone density  but she has no groundbreaking science. People of the Middle East have enjoyed goat cheeses and dairy produces for centuries  they do not need some international corporate product pushed down their throats.  

Nancy Ajram - TVC - Anlene - نانسي عجرم - إعلان أنلين


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