Tuesday, January 22, 2013

LISTEN: The Egyptian Train Wrecks Song اغنية شعبان عبد الرحيم - يا قطر يا ماشى دوسنا | جديد 2013

Will train wrecks, wreck President Morsi's Presidency? a fair question. tens of Egyptians have been killed in train accidents. This is the second train accident where dozens of people lose their lives as they take a train to travel. Those are sad accidents, and they seem to be a intensifying more recently. They are easy to orchestrate, and they embarrass the already busy president.

The media loves those accidents more than they are sad for the loss of innocent lives. People do not care about the victims, they only care about using this as a political talking point. Yes, it sucks that people are dyeing  Aside from having a dated transportation system, lack of security and chaos all contribute to this mess.

Naturally, the common man singer and least educated entertainer has just released a song about the blues of the trains. He is singing as if he is one of those school children that have been killed in those accidents. The music never changes in those songs. I think Morsi needs to come up with a plan to combat this, there are arguments that such accidents are induced by Mubarak loyalists. This could be true but this won't address the problem. Shabban Abel Rahim chose a timely subject to sing about--people were already forgetting about him.

He cannot exactly stop the trains, but he can beef up the security and watch towers, the army can help.   

 اغنية شعبان عبد الرحيم - يا قطر يا ماشى دوسنا | جديد 2013


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