Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Listen: #Egypt Is A Women By Amal Maher امال ماهر - انا بنت من البنات

Amal Maher has released her second single in a row for Egypt. She is a proud lady whose success was only possible in Egypt with all its rich history in music. This time though, Amal Maher declares her love to Egypt as a women, among many.

This is the kind of song grownups will appreciate. Egyptian women are often overlooked in many fields, but they are as patriotic as any of the boys. They go to school, they lean despite many unique obstacles, and they also excel. Amal Maher is nothing short of passionate in this song, the often romantic and heart broken songstress has finally found something that gets her in the mad as hell zone.

The song is about celebrating the achievements of the women of Egypt, they get all their positive attributes form the land and from its story. I need not to declare my love to you Egypt, because I was born one of you. It's about raising up to the challenge and making something good. The song starts with Amal Maher reading the lyrics of the song, then speeding thing up.

I am one of the girls, goes the song. A very timely song to help the women, young ladies, girls and older ones who are living in troubling times. I have grew up to become a school principal, a minister, a judge and an ambassador.

Amal Maher - Ana Bent Mn El Banat | امال ماهر - انا بنت من البنات

أنا بنت من البنات


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