Thursday, January 31, 2013

The High Schooler That Electrified Arabia

Carmin Soliman is the undisputed Arab Idol--she is the first. And she did it while she was in high school. The girl that comes from a family who likes to sing and lovely parents who are strong supporters. I feel Carmin can do no wrong, she seems like a bright young women with a great voice. Carmin is someone who has musician training, and passion to make good music.

She has not made her own tracks yet, but all the covers she has performed live and on the show indicate she has all the right equipment. She is a princess whose future seems to be rosy  She has shown grace, real emotions and real ability to sing in more than one language  She laughs in interviews, she speaks like a real person would.

So far, Egypt has booked her on dozens of public events, and she has performed  alongside big names, this is a great star for a young talent. Hear her do a cover of this classic hit for Abdel Halim during her performance at the MBC Egypt launch.

وانا كل ماقول التوبة كارمن سليمان افتتاح MBC مصر


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