Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Song Will Embarrass Abbas And His Clowns

There are a different breed of Palestinians, and yes they do occupy the biggest Palestinian city Ramallah. They are the business types who want to sell, sell sell! They would chase a buck even if it meant they have to go to Israel and make a deal with the occupation itself.

Moneeb Al Masry, one of Palestine's biggest business people has hosted the Israeli businessman on his home in Nablus. He has banned the journalists form the meeting. Other losers to have attended the meeting were Egyptian Amro Moussa. Ramy Levy, the Israeli tycoon was present.

In their minds, they are heroes who want to build Palestine.  I would believe that had they not have questionable history on many national history. When two young lute players read about a business meeting between some of those business clowns with some Israeli business leaders, they flipped out and wrote a song that has some vulgarity too.

Those businesses open shops in Palestinians towns selling them goods made in illegal colonies, as you will see some Palestinians have broke into one of those stores and protested them. Palestine is like any democracy, it's about citizens not consumers.

شرفت يا رامي ليفي

الفلسطينيون يقتحمون رامي ليفي قرب رام الله


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