Friday, January 25, 2013

A Typical Press Conference For A Pop Star

Pop Star Mohamed Hamaki felt his album was not selling as well as it should, so he held a press conference where he announced a new edition of the album with added bonus DVD and a concert pass for whatever concerts he holds for a year.

To hold the event, they have rented a fancy hotel room, got the manger from Nogoom Records to talk shop, the artists and his manger. It was an intimate event with the star and few press people who seem to be more of fans than critics.

The impressive thing is that album has been produced by a radio station who has decided to put out an album. Thus, a radio station has branched out to a music label now. Their first star they produce for is Hamaki. The business manger talked about the business side and the behind the scene. Hamaki picked them over other production companies.

Glad to see a new company coming out in Egypt to produce good wholesome Egyptian pop. I love the part when someone asked him about a song where he thinks the music has been ripped from a Western song. Hamaki called out the guy on that in class though.

حصري | ملخص المؤتمر الصحفي الخاص بالبوم "من قلبي بغني"


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