Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Listen: Diana Haddad - "Naam Seedi" ديانا حداد - نعم سيدي

Diana Haddad had a piece of gold late last year with a new romantic song in the Lebanese style she became famous for. We thought to ourselves, the hit-maker is back and she is bringing it all in style. And then came the buzz kill a new single that shatters our hopes in the revival of the old Diana Haddad. Maybe we were asking her too much when we want her to be herself all over again. Maybe that cute, loving and strong voiced lady never existed in the first place.

Why does she insist on making songs in local Khaliji (Gulf) dialects that no one likes and no one is asking for? Those songs suck on so many levels. For starter they are not all that great, and they bring none of the good sound quality we have come to expect from Diana. I would listen to any thing she sings, but if it's a song in the Khaliji dialect, I tell you this, I won't give it a second listen. And this is coming form a guy who like Khaliji songs.

"Yes, Sire" is the title of her new song, meant for the Gulf men, who think they own the world. She is happy to be there one of the boys, listening to their requests and conquering with it. It seems that Diana is unwilling to turn back the clock to her glory days. She wants local concert deals in the Gulf as well as wedding parties that come with a hefty paycheck and gifts.

I am reading this song is recorded in the local dialect of Kuwait  there are different shaded within the greater Gulf dialects.

Diana Haddad - "Naam Seedi" ديانا حداد - نعم سيدي


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