Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Remix Of A Dance Song By Melissa - Sidi Mansour 2013 / مليسا - سيدي منصور

Lebanese former model and colorful pop star Melissa has not been busy in the public eye in 2012, but she is working her way back tot he scene with a remake/cover of a beloved Tunisian song Sidi Mansour from the year 2000. It might be too soon to remake this song by Saber El Robaei who is still among the leading stars up to this moment.

I feel this is a club remix version meant to bring attention to the original song for those who are younger than 20 years of age. Melissa is a good performer and her image is well known among the youth. However, she does not get to give too many interviews, TV seems not to love her for some reason.  

Sidi Mansour is a fin song as it offers catchy lyrics and exciting music. Curious to hear what people think of this remake and if they will be kind.

Melissa - Sidi Mansour 2012 / مليسا - سيدي منصور


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