Thursday, January 31, 2013

Impress Your Mother-In-Law By Telling Her You Love Nadia Mostafa

Your mother-in-law does not have to be a foe, you just need to show her a side of you that shows her that you respect her. Their greatest fear- that you will be taking them for granted or that you think they do not understand your emotions. They do, you only need to remind them to those moment when they listened to voices like Nadia Mostafa.

Nadia Mostafa is one of the most underrated divas in Arabic music, the living legend who rocked the 80s and 90s does not get much air time anymore--she did release a new song this year. She came from the most beautiful era where when with big hearts have ruled the scene of Arabic TV. She did not some innovative manger, she only had her dazzling voice and the folks have fallen in line for her.

I recall as a little boy in Dubai, she performed on some TV celebration and I recall seeing her live. Nadia is best known for her romantic sensual songs, she has also sang for musical comedic plays, popular, national, religious and social. Throughout her career, Nadia Mostafa, released a number of albums, among them is cited 'Wala Kan Ala Baly', 'El Solh Kheer', 'Ya Maya'.

She is married to a Syrian artists Arkan Fouad and has two daughters. I love this lady's voice, she only gives heartfelt songs and her lives shows are something you enjoy sitting on your seat and your eyes closed. She is considred among those people women adore very much. Her tracks helped shape the dreams and asiprations of every little girl at a given time.

نادية مصطفى - كل دقة في قلبي - حفلة اضواء المدينة


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