Saturday, January 19, 2013

Listen: Tamer Hosny 2013 Hot Single تامر حسني ''يا بخت اللي هتحبيه'' 2013

Tamer Hosny is making sure we all know 2013 is the year he makes his mucvh anticpaited comeback since 2011, the year he wishes to earse. 2012 is the year he was married and made nice with some of his foes and critics. He also did have at least two mega concerts (none in Egypt) in Amman, and In Abu Dhabi.

His album should be coming out this year, and he have a new single to drum up the buzz about this big album from a star who once was larger than life. I am one of those people who have constantly hammered Tamer Hosny and will do so, if he is not giving his A game.

The new song is written in the voice of a young man who finds a lady so special that he thinks to himself, whomever she falls in love with, would be so lucky. Then he learns he has always been that lucky person. It's a song meant for both the boys and the girls who are still in high school or even college. Not the hit, I had on mind, but not a flub....I like it already.

Tamer Hosny - Ya Bakht Elly Hathebeh / يابخت اللي هتحبيه - تامر حسني


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