Tuesday, January 22, 2013

That 70s Show Egyptian Samir Saby

Samir Sabry is one of the most random characters in Arabic cinema, he was the good looking boy of the seventies who wanted to dance and sing by the poolside. He did just that and kept appearing in moves for at least 3 decades. He is still around, but neither doe she make movies nor does he sing.

How did he stars his career? Easy, he lived in an apartment building where other celebrities have lived at the time. Abdel Halim Hafiz picked up and thought he has something to offer. Samir did not want to do classy songs or heavy poetic or emotional songs, he wanted to sing whatever comes to mind, stuff you would sing a long to without having to think too much of it.

He used Western melodies and danced to that music in his movies. He is the product of the city of Alexandria that has lived with him all his life, even though he has spent most of his time in Cairo. His name among the artist is "Abu Samrah" Among his friends were Abdel Halim Hafez and the golden Lebanese songstress Sabah

سكر حلوة الدنيا سكر- فيديو- شادية + سمير صبري.wmv

   سمير صبري_ اغنية البحث عن فضيحة.wmv

سمير صبري سقفه قويه

سمير صبرى - اهلا بالحب فى عيده - ارشيف التليفزيون المصرى

عبدالحليم حافظ لقاء تلفزيوني مع نيللي وسمير صبري


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