Monday, January 28, 2013

Despite Its War On Mali, France Gives Special Award To Diva Magida

Lebanese diva Magida Al Roumi picked another award at the French embassy in Beirut. The embassy that likes to think, they play some kind of role in promoting culture by their actions. Magida Al Roumi was giving this special recognition. The award came right after Magida returned from a sold out concert in Qatar where imagination, dreams and good art came to play.

The embassy wanted to do this even in Paris, but Magida insisted on having the award event in Beirut where he home and his family is. Magida wanted to bring some cheers and joy to Lebanon at those difficult times. The award is designated for artist and literary figures. Yes, but France is waging war in an African country at the moment. But war should never get in the way of a good party.

Magida spoke about the award, the very cold weather in Qatar, note how low her voices is. The surprise guest is Magida's mother who was in attendance. Other Lebanese celebrities attended the event and brought their best wishes. 

فرنسا تمنح ماجدة الرومي وسام الفنون والآداب الفرنسي


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