Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Behind The Scenes With Firecracker Haifa Wehbe

There's a time when Haifa Wehbe made a music video where they have used an airplane, she was scratched  a little bit in the filming and the media were first to send the pop hit-maker their well wishes. Haifa's career is based on her love for the spotlight, her clever ways of managing her business and knowing how to get attention.

There was an action sequence that felt fresh, see how Haifa got some glass on her face and she felt shaken as she filmed that big budget music video. Even if she has to faint, she does it in style and makes it look like a poor acting job.

She did a great job advertising the incident and some of her fans felt like wow this lady works so hard for to bring us her music videos. See the report on the accident and the actual music video.

   Hasa Ma Bina - making - Haifa Wehbe كواليس حاسه مابنا - هيفاء وهبى

Haifa Wehbe Hassa Ma Benna


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