Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#Egypt, My Love To You Has Murdered Me By Aly Hussain

Aly Hussein is celebrating the second anniversary for the Egyptian revolution with a sober song. I am not weak/coward, but I am feeling the danger. My blood has spilled over the stones of the land. Aly is a nice guy with a sweet voice, but this time I am sensing he s really worried for Egypt.

Liberals, conservatives, and nationalists, let's just get along for the sake of the homeland. We murder the human and then pretend it's not a big deal. Too much talk, and those words have consequences. Egypt will be OK as long as they have dreamers like the artist and the song writer.

Forget out difference for now, is on everyone's mind, but few seem to care to make that happen. Egypt can be lost if those half baker leaders, fiery activists, and media talking heads do not chill. I think we all need to be clam and give the other a chance. We are not the only ones who love Egypt, the other guy--the one we disagree with also happens to love the land as much as we do.   

Hasess Bel 7'ATAR حاسس بالخطر على حسين


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