Thursday, January 24, 2013

Like This! Stephanie Fakih New Song ( Sho Yale Sar )

Stephanie Fakih is her name, Lebanon is her home, and Tunisia is the place where she has had a number of concerts. Stephanie Fakih  is the latest pop delight doing sugar pop in her native tongue, Arabic. Stephanie Fakih has a new single out, and I am really impressed. It's never easy to find the right song, and to find the crew that believes in you, but I think Stephanie Fakih pulled her latest single in stunning fashion. I know people would want to ask fro a music video.

The way the song is produced promises many great things, the music arrangement is sure to get you to want to dance and wing it. ( Sho Yale Sar ) Or What Went Wrong? A romantic song with a lot of fluff, that allows Fakih to shine under the sun. Her youth is an asset to this track, I think it allowed her to do her own thing, not mimic another pop diva.

The new song is currently airing in Lebanese radio stations and climbing the top spots. I like the Indian/Greek music fusion leading to the song. Note, how Stephanie working her way through different notes as lets her voice change gears to fine-tune the song.

Stephanie Fakih is a natural blonde whose baby steps are bringing more attention to her and to her stardom. Give her few more months and she will be an act not to miss. I would say, establish the home base first, and then let a Lebanese song carry you to Egypt. Do not make movies yet, give it an album, take your time making it and give it all you have.

Keeping them coming please!

Stephanie Fakih New Song ( Sho Yale Sar )


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