Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Samir Serour, Arabia's Most Revered Saxophone Player

Samir Serour was a member of the Abdel Halim Hafez band, he was the man who could make his saxophone sing. While the the man act of his band is no longer walking God's earth, Samir Serour pursued a solo career, not singing but playing the Saxophone, doing cover music for the old beloved gems that Abdel Halim Hafez made well known.

Then he went on to play other songs for the likes of Oum Kalthoum. His music has often rendered me speechless as I listen and really listener like if I am about to pick my cue so that I can sing the songs that I grew fond of each time.

Samir has earned the title of "Asheq Al Sax" or in English "The Sax Muse" his career started in the 50s and seems to have never ended. He began his love affair with the Sax during his time at the military where he was a member of the armed forces band.

He was picked form the music street "Mohamed Ali Street" by the composer Baligh Hamdi who has introduced him to Umm Koulthom whom added him to her band. Later he would perform with other stars including Najat, Fayza Ahmed. He performed with other young more recent artists too and has released six solo albums.

The late Samir Serous is no longer with us himself as he passed in 2003 after living a life to the fullest.

samir srour : Awal Mara / سمير سرور :اول مره vol (2)

samir srour : Olouloh / سمير سرور : قولولو vol (2)


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