Friday, January 18, 2013

Pictures: Arab Stars And Tattoos (Ladies Edition)

Tattoos in Arabic are often popular among citizens of the world and many Hollywood celebrities have used the Arabic language to decorate their bodies. Washim, is the most commonly used Arabic word used to refer to body tattoos  I know many Arabs have them, some of them are about the experiences they have had, and less about making statements.

Mysoon with her butterfly tattoo 

We are talking here about family friendly tattoos, butterflies, eyes, flowers and such nothing gangster here to leer at. 

Haifa is known for her tattoos 

Myraim has also used them in the past

Nicole Saba might have the most badass tattoos

There are many Arab stars who have had tattoos  some of them have them for a really long time, others wear them for a day and then boom they are gone. At times, artists use tattoos in their music video and then abandon them--Shams used it in one of her clips

But I know the one tattoo that got everyone talking is the one Maya Diab did last year when she attending a promotional event for a kine of makeup.

In Egypt one particular actress (Mena Shalaby) had to answer her critics because she showed up for a film premier tattooed with the world Allah inscribed into her arm. Some even made a big deal of the word being on her left side. Sure this all can sound silly, but not sure if the fact she used that word, or that she has been in trouble with the activists or what exactly, but her tattoo got people talking, but she held her ground. I  know I would not get a tattoo of something religious.


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