Monday, January 21, 2013

Saad Chemmari Time of Liberty

The Muslim singer (munshid) Saad Chemmari is one of the few Muslim musicians who recorded a song for the Arab revolutions, all of them, not just one revolution. He produced a clip with images from half a dozen Arab countries.

The music video tells a tale of protests, building and the brutality of the armies and securities forces repressing the people and their demand. It's a sober song on a hopeful note.

This song comes in Arabic, to the people actually protesting and getting fired upon. He did not sing for them in English so that more people get to enjoy its massage. The Arab spring has touched many souls around the globe, Saad is one of those who have been moved.

Saad Chemmari - Time of Liberty | سعد شماري - زمن الحرية


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