Friday, January 25, 2013

Sheikh Fadel Shaker Donates 350 Thousand Dollars

Fadel Shaker is not coming back to singing, get that out of your head. His now long beard rules out any chances he will make a comeback. The only comeback this once popular romance hit-maker is the one he is making it to God. He know prefers to be called Shiekh Fadel Shaker instead of singer or artist Fadel Shaker. He has distanced himself from his music career. He has even went as far as asking his former fans not to listen to his songs.

Rotana Khalij had the first interview with him, they were with him as he made many hits, now they are walking with him as he finds God. He seem to have finally found peace--my wife thinks he is looking scary. He keeps talking about being assassinated, who would care enough to kill him beats me? He has been making phone calls to a number of shows defending his spiritual mentor, Sheikh Ahmed Al Aseer

He is hanging out with a Lebanese Salafi leader, and spending most of his time with a bunch of dudes. The timing of Fadel Shaker finding God has been linked to him speaking out against the Syrian regime. May be his fear for his life is real, maybe he is about to bring freedom and justice to Syria. But I know this, the ones he is keeping company are the scariest people out there.

Fadel is not holding any grudges, he does not mind keeping in touch with his old buddies and music contacts, they can find me in the Bilal Bin Rabah mosque, I will be there. He has also spoke about his money. When I decided to quit the singing business, I had 350 thousand dollars, which I have donated to causes for Allah.

فضل شاكر ينشد: فالموت ليس يخيفنى ومناي أن استشهدا


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