Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wells Box: The New Egyptian Indie Music Label

There's a new music label that goes by the name "Wells Box", they are no ordinary music lable. They have a focus to work with indie artists and band that wants to promote something on top of promoting themselves. Think of them activists entertainers and religious performers.

According to their Facebook, it's a young label based in Cairo that has been quietly promoting a number of local artists. Their latest song is a religious one by Mostafa Atef, a song celebrating Prophet Mohammed. Titled Qamar or Arabic for Moon. A song showers the prophet with praises set to a very ancient Sufi folkloric melody. Atef has performed this song in some circles and now he gets a modest music video courtesy of Wells Box. I know those kind of songs tend not to offend anybody out there.

Wells Box seems to have no trouble getting their artists' work aired on a variety of media outlets including TV networks and social bookmarks. They also seem very crafty with graphic design, aside from making music, I think their skill in marketing and promotion is something with the droves of indie artists in Egypt need. Till now such artists have been on their own, a well planned concert might bring a lot of happiness all around.

Mostafa Atef - Qamar / مصطفي عاطف - قمر