Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#Weird WATCH: Carisma - Matloub Lelhob / كاريزما - مطلوب للحب

This is QR code, smart phone song looking for love on the go! Charisma has released some bizarre music video--you can also call it fresh. I have no idea what to call this, but it's a combination of things mushed together. This is an interesting music video for an average song or some may say for a bizarre song.

Dimitri Haddad, Aline Chamoun, Dalida Adjemian and Alaa Abou Farwe are the Lebanese singers behind this project--none of them have Arabic names but for one. The song feels more like vine material and not YouTube, no plot whatsoever.

Carisma was a short-lived Lebanese band made out of one male member Dimitri Haddad,surrounded by mostly hot and sexy girl dancers slash singers. His full name is Dimitri Joseph Haddad. He was the lead member of the Lebanese group Carisma. After the band split, Dimitri Haddad went solo. In 2011, he released the single Bad Boy, also shot as a music video clip. This song may mark the return of the band or it may not.

Carisma - Matloub Lelhob / كاريزما - مطلوب للحب


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