Sunday, November 17, 2013

WATCH: Men, Don't Cheat Song By Zein El Omar

This is a song I can enjoy. The new single from Lebanese Zein El Omar asks men to pull up their pants and never cheat on their wives. A cool song that puts cheaters to shame reminding them of their old folks wisdom. It takes a popuar man to remind other men of what's at stake.

The song has a cool beat, and a wonderful message that comes at time when casual sex is becoming a lot more casual. He sounds like a man of reason with a big heart, I know the ladies would welcome brings up the Prophet of Islam and Christ....I like such songs, it reminds people where they come from. Zein has always been a hit with the ladies, his voice, his style and his looks travel worlds, it's refreshing to hear him address loyalty.

Zein El Omr Bent El Nass 2013 / زين العمر بنت الناس ٢٠١٣


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