Monday, November 11, 2013

WATCH: Jad Shwery - We Don't Care The Pop Riot With A Message

This is a cause song by a guy who enjoys being different and trying new styles, outfits and now new concepts. A group of friends who want to have a good time, party and get wasted. Jad Shwery's new single and music video "We Don't Care" might be tackling a number of chose what cause it fits with best.

Is its about bullying? just live your life and enjoy the company of your good friends who may be misfits. I love the various vocals incorporated it makes the song a real treat and it guards against boredom. This is about family and friends who stick by your side when the need comes up. When all ends....Jad can feel good about this track, he made something new that will bring him a lot of young fans who want to party and enjoy--not only did he sing but he also directed this fun feast.

I sure hope Westerners do find this song worthy.

Jad Shwery - We Don't Care


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