Thursday, November 14, 2013

WATCH: Hossam Jouneid - Seket Halab / حسام جنيد - سكة حلب #Syria

Hossam Jouneid is doing the folksy Syrian song a huge favor, he is making it a fun song with a heart, a popular song among the youth. The young Syrian artists with a distinct voice here puts it to a great use. A love song from the city of Aleppo.

He is that sad voice artists who can really express the feelings of separations, breakups and not being able to do what one loves the most. Yes, I am referring to the feeling when you feel your heart is being ripped away form your body. This is a timely song, as the city of Aleppo is currently under siege from warring forces. The song will land well with the residence of the city, Hossam is one of them. And the interesting thing the model in the music video is actress Amarat Rizik  whose married to Hossam in real life.

His music video is about leaving a gorgeous wife, and young child to go and find work to secure a better future. Long-distance are epic, the Syrian dialect is a perfect vehicles. The song plays up the pain the dangers families with a single parent face. The song takes no sides, but will make you cry for what things went down in Syria. The song does show a news headline about an explosion in that city. Hossam really did a fine job here and the song is well-made. Had he been in any country where music has its professionals Hossam would be the name on everyone's mind.  

Hossam Jouneid - Seket Halab / حسام جنيد - سكة حلب


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