Friday, November 8, 2013

This is How To Make A Dramatic Song Great! Thanks Sherine

When Sherine did a song for a TV drama--she did not think much of it, but then that song traveled worlds and fans have asked to hear this song over and over again each appearance the Egyptian made since the release of the song and the show. We all know the definition of dramatic, so here's a song that would go with a milestone in a drama, it brings out the emotions

The songs is about feelings, and one stuck on one's head--the sentiments that make us who we are, the highs and lows of life. Sherine has the perfect vehicle to deliver such a gorgeous song. This is why this song was re-mastered and released again. Then when she performed in the stage of Star Academy, the song was on the playlist. I just like it! It catches my attention quickly, very touching and actually frankly speaking it gives more passion and eventually more feelings with the tone of the voice and the way it was written.

It's tough to analyze these lyrics, but it doesn't make the bear words not dramatic and depressing. The musical content is also something obviously written and performed with loads of passion and feeling. thumbs upthumbs down. Along with being dramatic, the song is just so sad, and should be on all these peoples' "Top 10 Saddest Songs" lists. I mean, not only does it sound sad, but its lyrics are, jut, tearjerking.

This song will resonate with anyone who has ever fell in love--Sherine is so good at putting these minute feelings into songs--she packages them and her voice with warmth make them ageless. Just when you think she has done the best song, Sherine comes back with a song that tops your previous best, this is pop magic.

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