Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Time When Amr Diab Liked Ice Cream Fi Glym / عمرو دياب - أيس كريم في جليم

When it came to being a movie star the King of Arab pop Amr Diab, failed. There are two theories for this. One, he did not try hard enough  The seconds, think he was no good at it. He made three movies and none of them made it big.

One of those movies he made was Ice Cream Fi (in) Glym. The song was a hit when I was a child. Not so much the movie. But those were the very early nineties and Amr Diab was big, but was discovering his voice. The movie had a great supporting cast, a perfect release time, but what was missing the fireworks.

Amr Diab would stop making movies and nails the song business--he would become on the thrones. The song you will see below, is from that movie where romance and comedy met. Let's just say he was no top gun

Amr Diab - Ice Cream Fi Glym / عمرو دياب - أيس كريم في جليم


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