Friday, November 22, 2013

Dance Like A Lebanese Ahlam - Helm / أحلام - حلم

The dance troupe call themselves, Arabic word that stands for dreams, and their collection of dances they called them dream. And this is the word of one dance group from Lebanese with about different five dances they have performed and recorded a video of those moves to showcase their style--not sure what kind of business they can do. Do weddings hire dancers? I know city and town sponsored functions often hire dancers for show.

It's what it's, they troupe is not doing something I have not already seen. For all I know, they may have already appeared on so many Lebanese music videos as back up dancers. I think those are talented young men and women with some moves, and some impressive sense of style. I did enjoy the nature and the forward looking outfits. In between, the traditional Lebanese outfits, the Arab ones and the Ballet scenes  I am impressed.

This is how it must feels like to a Lebanese who likes to dance. I think they have created a number of painting that show hard work and dedication to their craft. It's sad as Dancing with The stars has a Lebanese version and all the Lebanese on the show dance everything but traditional dances.

Ahlam - Helm / أحلام - حلم


  1. Yes, dabkah troupes are sometimes hired to entertain at weddings. There are tons of clips on YouTube. Here's an (unfortunately over-edited) example

    That reminds me...Hani, when you are at parties where people are dancing socially, do you see folks doing non-dabkah moves to dabkah music? I'm curious because surfing around YouTube, it seems like some guys (young Palestinian guys, in particular) are fond of breaking out of the line and throwing hip hop and breakdancing moves into their dabkah. Is that common or something that looks more common than it actually is because of the subset of clips I've found online? There used to be a teen troupe based in Ramallah who were heavily into the hip hop fusion like this, but they must have disbanded or something because they took all of their videos down.