Thursday, November 21, 2013

WATCH: Latifa - Ahla Haga Fiya | لطيفة - أحلى حاجة فيا #OnFire

Tunisian pop diva who was the big it girl twenty years ago is still the same hot commodity she was always meant to be. Her new music video tells one of us that there is no retirement home for gifted pop stars.

She is smart, good looking, hungry, and rocking. This is what a celebrated come back should look like. Days after she signed with mazzika, the music video hits the airwaves and YouTube. Latifa is becoming the name three generations of ARAB known love and appreciate.

I like it and I know this new fresh and young look is godsend. The pool scene is kind of a bit cheesy....but fun nevertheless. The song starts fast, then comes the slow lyrics, and then the song pick it up.  Latifa is playing chess with her man, just like how dating works. The song is a riot and Latifa has what it takes to make it memorable. I love how the song changes pace, yet Latifa is all about the passion and romance.

Sure, she is older, but she does not have to be out of style or out of sync. She produced the song and the album all on her own which tells you, she has to be in charge and glad to see it worked out for well for this once Tunisian pop starlet.

Latifa - Ahla Haga Fiya | لطيفة - أحلى حاجة فيا


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