Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Behind The Scenes With Mohamed Mouner

Mohamed Mouner is just like Egypt, full of conflicts, those conflicts bring out the best stories. Some are tragic and others are life-loving. There's certainly something about this rock star, he does not seem ordinary...if there were ever Aliens living in Arabia. Mouner would not surprised me had he been one. I say that I look at the man filming one of his music videos.

His crew took over an Egyptian park, and made a set for one of his music videos -the song where he confesses to have been very patient in this love story he is starring. Then, there's that dance scene with many party goers and a dope looking band. Mouner knows how to party, and he seems to been his head at the time. He does not care about how he looks to the folks on the outside.

Eqrar- making - Part 1 - Mohamed Mouner إقرار - محمد منير

Eqrar- making - Part 2 - Mohamed Mouner إقرار - محمد منير


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