Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finally, Aziz El Shafie Has Hope For #Egypt اغنية عزيز الشافعى - حبة امل

He is one of the busiest composers in Egyptian pop, he has released his own albums about Egypt and about soccer. I disagree often with him on things, and his pro-army I refuse to welcome his hope-filled song? No, we are about hope, and never quitting and this is the song to do it.

He likes Egypt, and now he is telling young people to fight for what they want--expect the army will shot at them. He tells people to let nothing stop them or silence them...but then he does not talk about the corrupt few running the country.

I like Aziz and I know he has a good voice that shows in some of his songs, but I am unsure about the timing. Hope is good, and he is only about little hope or having a little faith....I do not see many reasons for people to be hopeful about Egypt because there has been something bigger than slogans and pop stars, injustice is not something to sweep under the rug. Now, I would be happy to see Egypt back on track again, but shame on those who are running the government--they are choking Gaza and its people.

اغنية عزيز الشافعى - حبة امل 2013


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