Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Last Time Nancy Ajram Was Cute

This is an early hit of the super star Nancy Ajram, back when she was single, happy and hungry for fame. In my book, she is one of the most gentle female entertainers we have. She literary has few enemies and people from all generations adore her, she is so cute. She ia still cool, hip and even sexy, but she has simple going for her.

It would be insane to think she would be cute forever, now she is a big name, and has an empire to run, a family to spend time with and a career to watch. But the good news, she is one of the regional pop stars, she has made is big times in Arabia, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and even Russia knows her songs, parts of Africa where the Arab expats dwell took her music there.

she is one busy songstress and one hell of a tough act to follow. At first we liked her hybrid pop song made ideal for the dance floor and simple emotions, then she started giving us more complex songs that shattered everything we knew about her in a good way.

Nancy Ajram - Ana Yalli Bahebak / نانسى عجرم - أنا يللي بحبك