Monday, November 25, 2013

The Sad Iraqi Voice Of Bassel Al Aziz Will Bring You To Tears

Do not break up with an Iraqi, just don't. Because if you do, they will write the greatest love song, the kind that make you regret ever being born. Something about that country, it's rich history, complex society makes it the breeding ground for the finest Arabic blues. Literary  there are thousands of singers in Iraqi, and we hardly know all the good ones.

The latest voice to appear on my radar is Iraqi Bassel Al Aziz with his very dark song about love, breakups and death. These guys know how to be in love, how to break hearts. Unlike the Lebanese guys, Iraqis seem to be the ultimate people in expression their love--they might not be as passionate as the one in Lebanon. but if you want to cry, I would want an Iraqi around.

I just love "Yizal Lel Mout" death will remain goes the song. I must admit to liking the music video, and the song as one package. I had no idea who this guy is, but after hearing his voice, I am ready to name a child after him. I love how simple the music video, yet how well it translates the song. The song's lyrics belong to Qusai Issa, and the music is by  Narat AlBadir. The song was recorded in Dubai under the supervision of Fayez Al Said.

 Bassel Al Aziz - Yezal Lel Mout / باسل العزيز - يظل للموت


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