Friday, November 15, 2013

Listen: The Handsome Ziad Maher - Wahashouni 3eneik -زياد ماهر - وحشوني عنيك

The lovable Lebanese pop singer Ziad Maher just released a new single and it's in Egyptian. A romantic song with some electric dance vibe. I have come to appreciate Ziad Maher and his talent because he is essentially a guy who works on his own. He has a full-time job and comes form a family that has been in the textile business for generations.

Perhaps this is why he is among the most stylish and sleek stars in today's Lebanon. I like the change I hear, it spices things up and allows for Ziad Maher to play in these posh Lebanese bars and nightclubs. Ziad also has something else going for him, that handsome with a hint of bad boy look serves him well as he does romance.

Ziad's debut song was a lot darker that the happy go luck song we hear now, I would like to commend him on his fresh choice and wish the song the best.

Ziad Maher - Wahashouni 3eneik - Audio Track - زياد ماهر - وحشوني عنيك


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