Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Listen: La Fiesta Diana Haddad - French Moroccan Dance Song

La Fiesta is a new song by Lebanese pop singer Diana Haddad, this single is interesting. It's French and Moroccan. I have heard it many times, but it seems like a party songs made by someone who has done music for the global stage ZAD. This is your average club mix, the exotic Moroccan Arabic and these buzz French words.

The mastering and mixing took place in Paris. It took five months to get this song through the production. This is new territory for Diana who has been really turning up the heat on her career and mixing things up. It does sound like your average pop song from Morocco, but I worry it's not complex enough--it feels empty or hollow toward the middle. Or it could be that the master copy is not out yet.

The makes the first Middle Eastern song by ZAD, the French producer. The song will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Nokia Music Store. This song comes from the people's republic of dance songs at the hits street. This is yet another attempt for a 90's pop personalities at making a run in 2013--Samira Said, Latifa are too doing similar things. I love them for finding happy and energizing songs.

Diana Haddad Feat Zad - La Fiesta ديانا حداد


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