Monday, November 11, 2013

Download: البوم منوعات K-Music الجزء الاول 2013 Young Stars

K Music, the Egyptian music production house working with young talents has just curated a mega album of 24 tracks featuring their young names, ladies and boys...this is an attempt to try to revamp their sluggish sales using some of their assets.

Call is the value album with lots of single, styles, flavors and subjects. The album certainly will please many, you cannot not make people happy if you have 24 tracks--something ought to make them happy. There is a lot of experiments here--some work others fall flat.

There are new names--in fact I can only tell just two names form this list, but I know there are some star projects in here--trouble is no one seems to have time for music right now. Look for the album and purchase it, maybe Egyptian companies will start making better albums.

01.Mohamed ElKammah - Eyak
02.Shorouk - Asfa
03.Salah Mokhtar - Ma3 E7tramy
04.Gamal Gogo - Ala Allah
05.Emad Kamal - Khadt Btar
06.Jan Nessem - Sebna Ba3d
07.Yousrey ElSherief - Ana Ayez A3esh
08.Salah Nabil - Ayzney A3esh
09.Saleh - Sabah El Ward
10.Amr ElFakhrany - Ayshen Gowa Ba3d
11.Mostafa Shabayek - Sabe3 Gar
12.Abdallah Amir - Leeh Mosh Sam3any
13.Ahmed Ramez - Mafesh Meno Etnen
14.Shorouk - Mastahelsh Hobaha
15.Mostafa Shabayek - Aha Ha2olha
16.Saleh - Mansaky
17.Emad Kamal - Rahentehom
18.Diana - Ba7lam
19.Amr Fadel - Mesh Barta7
20.Shady Amir - Mesh Barta7
21.Gamal Gogo - Ya Ba3d 3omry
22.Mos3ab - Akher Aml
23.Yasser Hassabo - I Love You
24.Yousrey ElSherief - Bettnshn

Mohamed El Kammah - Eyak / محمد القماح - إياك


  1. Does anybody have this album up for streaming yet? I only see soundbite previews on YouTube and the full album at ripping sites where you have to download it to hear it. I just want to listen to the full songs, not steal them.